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Renters are aware that each property sets its own refund/cancellation policies and fees. We strongly recommend that renters require a written notice of the refund and cancellation policy from the owner/agent. DesertAreaRentals.com recommends the purchase of trip cancellation insurance at your own expense. We are not responsible for the refund of rental fees for any reason.


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At any time you may have your property removed from this site by contacting us at the email address located on our help page. Property owners/agents are responsible for investigating and adhering to all local regulations, including, but not limited to, permits, licenses, occupancy or city taxes, and safety compliance. If the operators of DesertAreaRentals.com are unable to provide the expected level of service for any reason, including, but not limited to service outages, war, acts of God or negligence, neither DesertAreaRentals.com or its owners can be held liable for any costs beyond the prorated costs paid by the client for the services which were not provided. DesertAreaRentals does not guarantee that the DesertAreaRentals.com website will be available 100% of the time.

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